Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hartford Insurance Co Mentally Tortures Employees to Save Money

If you are, or were, an employee of The Hartford Insurance Company ( The Hartford Fire Insurance Co), you are at risk of being bullied, or psychologically attacked in the work place.

The Hartford, and many other corporations and companies throughout the USA practice what is called MOBBING IN THE WORKPLACE. The goal is to keep cost down by making sure there is an employee turnover so The Hartford does not have to pay:

  • 100% vesting for employees over 5 years of employment.
  • extra week of vacation pay after 5 years of employment
  • annual raises that would exceed the standard pay parameters for a particular position

It is far cheaper to hire new employees to fill positions than to continue paying vested employees the above mentioned benefits long term.

If you have worked for the company between 5-7 years, you can expect:

  • your workload will be taken over by your supervisor/manager.
  • confusing information will be given to you that makes no sense, but they expect you to understand anyway.
  • you will be given unattainable goals, and impossible expectations, and when you do not reach them, they will be held against you.
  • if you work in sales, the qualified phone calls will dwindle and you will be routed calls from customers that do not meet qualification ( your sales will drop), totally controlled by management.

If you meet the following you will also be affected and targeted for subtle harassment:

  • more than one pregnancy
  • terminal illness diagnosis
  • workers comp claim made
  • you called the Ombudsman (they will track you down and the Ombudsman is an Hartford Employee)
  • You contacted The Hartford's EOD dept. They are set into place to get as much information on your grievance, and then determine how they can fight it and evaluate you risk to the company. If it is determined you would not be able to hire a lawyer to fight any claim made, then you will be harassed out of the company.

I will post some more links and information regarding the type of tratment you will, and maybe already are experiencing.

The type of harrassment is very subtle psychological attacks, some often used to break down prisoners of war. Remember, The Hartford Insurance Co. employees its own psychologist.

The harrassment will cause you great stress and mental and physical harm, and in most cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can affect you for many many years.

You probably won't even think any of this is happening to you, as I did not, but many previous employees that I knew would tell me horror stories of what was happening to them in the workplace, at the same time it was happening to me, but I never put it together.

There are several laws that can protect you if this is happening to you:

  • Negligent Retention Tort Law
  • Itentional Infliction of Extreme Emotional Distress
  • Workers Compensation